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Bw Seido Raw strikes a balance between crude engineered geometry and the demands of legibility and pragmatism a workhorse typeface needs. The result is a highly functional type family with an industrial feel, ready to be used anywhere from screen-based to print. 

The stylistic set accesible through the OpenType panel presents a more neutral feel by removing the sharp bends on some key characters.
Developed from its round sibling, Bw Seido Raw shares the same influences of the original German DIN 1451, with its clean, minimal shapes and rigid geometric feel: Both the lowercase and the uppercase have their own horizontal waistline running through all the characters of the font, reinforcing the engineered feel and focusing the rhythm on its vertical pace.
Bw Seido Raw consists of 12 styles (6 uprights + 6 matching obliques) supporting all European Latin languages. It contains many OpenType features like slashed zero, fractions, case sensitive forms, localised forms or ligatures.

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